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Testmasterİ is currently being used by D&S Diversified staff to manage Certified Nurse Aide testing in Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, Tennessee, Arizona, Iowa, Oregon, Vermont, Oklahoma, and Delaware. In each of those instances the primary data resides on servers in D&S facilities in Helena, Montana and Findlay, Ohio and official test scoring takes place in those facilities. Most testing clients choose to have a version of Testmasterİ installed in their agency office, and we seamlessly update their data daily so that they have access to current data and reports.

In addition, Idaho, and Delaware use Testmasterİ for registry and renewal tracking which daily updates their on-line CNA registry. Also, Testmasterİ is leased in Utah and Iowa for CNA testing and registry/renewal tracking and by Mountain States Line Constructors to maintain a linesmen test for a five state Northwestern region.

We are confident the following features allow Testmasterİ to be adapted for nearly any testing scenario.

Generate reports

These are just a few of the stock reports that are available. Reports vital to improved training can be exported and made securely available on-line to training programs.

  • Pass Rate by Attempt
  • Pass Rate by Candidate
  • Pass Rate by Training Program
  • Overall Pass Rate
  • Test Version Pass Rate
  • Invoices
  • Proctor Payments
  • Reschedules and Cancellations
  • Written Diagnostic Charts by Facility
  • Practical Diagnostic Charts by Facility
  • Test Schedules
  • and more...

Manage the candidate database

On a single screen manage information vital to the testing process including...

Manage records for other individuals critical to testing

Print mailing labels, lists, and payment reports for...

Maintain a test schedule

On a single screen manage test events by performing tasks including...

Maintain test content

Edit items and create new test versions with a few mouse clicks.

Score Exams

Multiple scoring options ensure that a human being has final say for high stakes exams.

Track Registry and Renewal

Use the same software that manages your testing to manage your registry. The on-line registry is updated with newly certified/renewed candidates with a click.

Maintain facility list

One screen to...