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Idaho Facility Administrator

  • This page will allow you to apply for the Idaho Facility Administrator exam using your credit card.If you do not have a credit card, your completed application and testing fees must be sent to Headmaster/D&S Diversified Technologies
  • You will first be asked to complete our on-line application in its entirety.
  • Please note and record the pin number on your initial page. It will be required for future access to your record.
  • Upon successful completion of the application, you will be asked for your credit card information. Your exam costs will be calculated automatically.
  • If your credit is rejected you may go BACK and re-enter the credit information.
  • Note that your record will not be saved unless your credit is successfully verified.
  • Once your credit card is accepted and IBOL approves you to test, Headmaster will contact you about scheduling your exam.
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